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[[new headcanon added B)]]

"Um Saki I have a very important device here entitled COOTIE TRACKER," Lan says as he holds up a box with a crudely drawn radar and a bunch of frowny faces on the sides. "And um it says that you have a 1930484893% cootie rate and I'll have to arrest you like right now."




*Mock surprise* “But why do I have cooties??! I don’t hang out with anyone who has cooties! And don’t you say my Mom or sister has them, because they are the coolest ladies around!”

Lan nodded, pleased. “It’s good to see that you have respect for your elders. Ten years are not that big of a dif-er-ence, I’m sure you’ll grow up to be an ed-u-ca-ted adult like I am.” Lan made a somewhat stern face. “But as for now, since you’re grounded, you have to make me food and stuff for like…hmm…forever. Yes, forever sounds good. It’s not too much, but it’s not too little of a punishment either,” Lan said, satisfied.

Saki tried to suppress a huge grin, and his face ended up in a twisted smirk. “Forever, huh? Well, at least I’ll get to practice on someone, right?” He reached back, and deftly braided his long hair to keep it out of his face. “So, what’s your first request? What do you want me to make first?”

Lan began smiling from ear to ear, for nobody usually took him seriously (even though he was 110% adult). “DuuuuuuuddEEE can you make me curry!?! I loooove curry to pieces and pieces and pieces and pieces and pieces and pieces and pieces and pieces and pieces and pieces and-” Lan fell over in order to catch his breath. “…to pieces!!” He caught a glance of Saki’s hair and frowned. “Oh. And can you braid my hair like that?? I grew my hair of the coasts of Sharo and it took 6-8 business weeks to grow, I want mine styled like yours!!”


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Oh? Lan, is that you~?

"Oh my god oh my god"

"Y’know, somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me. I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed…"


Mama said vampires don’t exist so idk what you guys do for a living

these days must be rough.

((HeyLanYouareSoTotallyRadthatI’llSendthis MessagetoyouinordertoClarifythatYouareMyHero yes Lan you are everyone's hero))


Draw yourself

Higs B) (it's a pun)

I drew you like this cuz you’re my super favorite adult because you’re cootie free and you have chips and chips are food and feed me



Lan guffawed. “WOW I AM A PRO AT ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS-GUN WOW YOU SHOULD BE BOWING IN MY COOTIE FREE PRESENCE!!” Lan held his head high before sighing and plopping on the floor. “But I’m a pro because the only person i play with is myself. Sometimes Mayl comes along and plays with me, but that’s only when we do stuff she wants to do. Dex is usually off doing stuff with his new baby brother and arhghhghghh life is so boring i kinda wish i had a brother like Dex,” Lan said, pouting. “I told Mama this but she just became super sad and went in her room and I’m bored, so you should play with me!!”


"Sure, I’ll play with you! Do you want to play that game you’re so pro at or do you have anything else in mind?"

"Dude I have a totally rad idea. We should totally play poker." Lan said, which a smirk on his face. "If you lose, you buy me food. If you win, you buy me food. It’s a fair game."